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Unify & Amplify Your
Music Integration Effortlessly

Simplify music integration in your apps and digital experiences. Connect effortlessly with all major music streaming services, streamlining your development process and delighting users with a seamless music experience.

Discover the future of music integration today.
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Effortless User Experience

Say goodbye to multiple logins and complicated authentication processes.

With MusicAPI's cutting-edge Single Sign-On feature, your users can seamlessly access their favorite music services with just one login.

Connect with any music streaming platform of their choosing and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Streamlined Integration

No more hassle of dealing with different endpoints and varying platforms.

MusicAPI offers a Unified API that standardizes all endpoints, making integration simple and efficient.

Regardless of the music service your users prefer, our unified approach ensures consistent API endpoints across the board.

Unlimited Possibilities

We understand that you may occasionally require specific features or data from individual music services.

That's why MusicAPI goes beyond its seamless integration to provide you with access to the underlying APIs of each platform.

Leverage the power of these APIs, using the authentication data fetched from MusicAPI, to unlock limitless possibilities.

Enhanced User Engagement

Get ready to supercharge your user engagement with our upcoming Embed Player feature.

With just one embed script, you can effortlessly integrate and showcase music resources from various services.

Whether it's a song or an album, MusicAPI ensures a seamless experience for your users, no matter where the content originates.

Total Ownership, Zero Risk

At MusicAPI, we believe in empowering you to truly own your data.

With complete access to all your data, tokens, and user information, you have the freedom to integrate and customize MusicAPI to suit your unique requirements.

Rest assured, there is no lock-in with MusicAPI, eliminating any risks associated with integrating our solution.

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Seamless AuthenticationHassle-free user authentication with automatic token management and no refresh/access token complexities.
Unparalleled AccessGain a comprehensive view of users' music collections from all major services with unified endpoints and seamless integration.
Embrace VersatilityEasily integrate with music service SDKs for flexible functionality, leveraging underlying authentication data effortlessly.
Comprehensive MetadataEffortlessly retrieve essential song and album metadata, ensuring consistency across music services.
Flexible PricingEmbrace growth without the burden of upfront costs. With our Pay As You Grow model, you only start paying once you reach 500 MAU.

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